Our mission is to renew, strengthen and promote European educationThe creation of the VEITH Foundation for Education, Language and Integration as a non-profit organization has the objective and firm commitment to renew, enhance and promote European education as a foundation of the cultural heritage of the Old Continent. Based on the revolutionary method of quick, systematic logic and highly effective learning, developed by founder Dr. Daniel Veith and his educational philosophy of excellence, that offers a dynamic alternative, substantial and with a maximum commitment to quality teaching, as a response to the general educational deterioration, ensuring success, through a comprehensive and permanent system of research, teaching, assessing and didactic monitoring.


In a multicultural and globalized society, the VEITH Foundation appreciates the knowledge of languages as the main branch of education, given that it does not only form the basis of all human interaction, but it also allows people and cultures to understand each other.  This subsequently makes it the primary tool for immigrants to integrate and to improve the social environment. Learning a new language is equivalent to learning a new vision of the world- the VEITH Foundation works in order for these new visions to be achievable for all mankind. The seeds of change rest in the educated individual, capable of understanding the differences and of recognizing others, regardless the origin, as their equal.



Throughout its various projects, the VEITH Foundation has always put emphasis on integration, its complex mechanics and interculturalism. A central theme that has constantly been dealt with, from the studies on European migrants in Latin America, by Dr. Daniel Veith, audiovisual projects on migration from Latin America to Spain, and ways to assist and job search for Spaniards that have migrated to Germany during recent years of the crisis, among others.



The most recent initiative of the VEITH Foundation is the Palmyra Project, where it expresses it's firmest commitment to collaborate in order to reduce the difficulties that refugees from Syria and other Arab countries encounter while trying to integrate in Germany.  That is why it offers it´s numerous years of experience and method for language learning and cultural integration to refugees and competent institutions, to contribute in the global solution of the problem.



In addition to many other activities that the VEITH Foundation has carried out with individuals, groups, universities and institutions, it has plans to continue promoting the development and integration of the most vulnerable collectives, as well as harness the intellectual abilities of these people.  For this reason it is preparing gender scholarship programs for girls under 18 in various Latin American countries and other traditionalist countries, which will offer them a sufficient platform to access education.


We offer our experience and our language learning and cultural integration method to refugees and institutionsAs a vision, challenge and final destination, the VEITH Foundation aspires to create its own University, the VEITH University, thought of as  cradle of tomorrow's intelligence, which will focus on the development of a comprehensive academic curriculum, oriented towards the ideological values of the VEITH methodology. This university will contribute to the rebirth of education in the European continent itself and it will concentrate on supporting and strengthening the socio- economic development and, above all, the intellect in developing countries through the implementation of different branches.




Dr. Daniel Veith



Linguist, educational thinker, researcher and German scientific editor.


Studies of Romantic philology, German philology and art history in Germany, Chile and Italy(2001-2003), master's degree (2004) and doctorate (2006) in Romance Philology from the University of Wurzburg in Germany, on topics of sociolinguistics, variational linguistics, minority languages, acculturation and migration analysis.


Studies fellowship (Chile, 2003) and research fellowshi (Argentina, 2005-2006) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), university professor in Brazil (2004-2005) and at the University of Salamanca in Spain (2007-2011), founder of the “VEITH Institut” language centers (from 2012).



Journalist of first-class German newspapers and magazines, such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Stern, has traveled to more than 70 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, an expert on Latin America and the Middle East, particularly Syria.


Speaks,has worked and researched in12 languages and has written and illustrated with his own drawings 50 scientific and educational books, with another 20 books in preparation for 2016/2017, in addition to his extensive literary, journalistic, scriptwriting and photographic career.

Dr. evelyn veith



Economist, researcher and business project developer.


International economy and international relations studies in Costa Rica (1994-2000), Master´s in business administration with special emphasis on marketing, Costa Rica (2000), Master's degree in business management, e-business and e-commerce for small and medium companies, Salamanca (2004), research aptitude for the research "innovative behavior and results of the SME in peripheral areas", Salamanca (2006) PhD in business economics with the thesis "the organizational and environmental factors as moderators of the relationship between innovation and business performance: differences between small and large enterprises, "Salamanca (2012).


10 scientific articles published and two more are being prepared with business activities and innovation as their main theme, participation in numerous marketing courses and seminaries, digital business management. Speaker in a number of conferences in Belgium, Costa Rica, Spain and Portugal.  She has been the recipient of several research and work grants.  Founder of the language centers "VEITH Institut" (since 2012).


She has traveled to over 50 countries in Europe, Asia and America and has actively collaborated with different NGOs and has provided personal support to several women in order to facilitate their inclusion in education and the labor market.

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