The VEITH Foundation for education, language and integration was created by Dr. Daniel and Dr. Evelyn Veith with the objective to confront the generalized global educational deterioration, firmly committing themselves to find a dynamic and substantial solution to renew, enhance and promote European education as a foundation of the cultural heritage of the Old Continent.


The basis for this fight for values and universal education is a revolutionary method of fast, logical-systematic and highly effective learning, developed by Dr. Veith himself. He has adapted this method, which can be applied to learning any educational content, in a first version to the study of languages, especially a super intensive German course for Spanish speakers, whose effectiveness has been proven for 15 years at universities and language academies in Europe and Latin America and at the VEITH Institut language schools.


In autumn2015the method of English for Spanish speakers was launched and presently the VEITH R+D Agency, research, development and innovation agency under the auspice of the VEITH Foundation and the heart of all its scientific and educational activities, is conducting a German version of the course for Arabic speakers, to provide an effective tool to the respond to the current wave of mass immigration to Germany.


Given the high versatility and performance of this method, the VEITH Foundation aspires as a vision, challenge and final destination the creation of its own university, the VEITH University, thought of as the cradle of tomorrow’s intelligence. This university will contribute to the revival of education in the European continent itself and will be dedicated to support and strengthen socio-economical and above all, intellectual development in developing countries through the implementation of branches.


To this end, the VEITH R+D Agency will be dedicated to developing a comprehensive academic curriculum oriented toward the ideological values of the VEITH methodology and its educational philosophy of excellence and maximum commitment to quality and it will handle the management of the official recognition of this university, in Germany –which initially it will obtain the category of "Hochschule" –and in its future branches in other countries.

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