A film on the socio-cultural problems of the twenty-first century migration

The two founders, Dr. Daniel and Dr. Evelyn Veith, carried out in Spain in 2010, which means before the creation of the first VEITH Institut, their first great endeavor together: the independent production of a feature film in the form of an international-integrative cultural project.





The film, whose image aesthetics blur the boundaries between films and theater, is understood as an allegory on the sociocultural problems of the twenty first century global migration and has as its theme the problems, worries and fears with which the aggrieved minorities are confronted in their new homeland.


The whole drama which is based on real facts, takes place in three bedrooms and it develops around four main characters: a young couple living illegally in the host country, a friend of theirs, a native from this country, and his girlfriend, another immigrant. The desperate struggle for existence, the continuous escape from the police and the immigration authorities and the unfavorable contact with other illegal immigrants, lead to many complications that end up in prostitution, human trafficking and murder.


The script has five acts, with thirty six scenes, most of which last no more than four minutes.  This limits the duration of the film to approximately an hour and a half. The brevity and condensation of speech ensures that the viewer will not lose interest.  Furthermore, the argument was drafted in a way that it can captivate a wide range of audiences, from the most humble person who just wants to know how the action follows, to the intellectual, who finds in the dialogs profound reflections on the socio-cultural comparison and criticism, from both points of view, the immigrant and the host country.





The film was made in 55 days of shooting with actors and other team members from 12 different countries, in order to carry out in this way the international-integrative purpose of the project: Europeans and Latin Americans worked together to overcome misunderstandings, prejudices and aggressions that arise from the social and ethno-cultural differences.




Interests for the international community


This cultural project is very appealing to the international community, given that it focuses on highly present issues: Immigration from underdeveloped or desolated regions due to a civil war or the misery towards peaceful nations with high purchasing power is a source of discord that can be found throughout the world:  Presently the massive immigration from Arab-Islamic countries and the Balkans to Germany, but also previously the immigration of Turkish or Russian-Germans to Germany, the Arabs and other Africans to France, the Mexican wave to the United States or even within Latin America, the immigration of Paraguayans or Bolivians to Argentina or of Peruvians to Chile, etc.


it focuses on highly present issues: Immigration from underdeveloped or desolated regions due to a civil war or the misery towards peaceful nations with high purchasing powerIn detail, the conditions and characteristics of immigration differ from one country to another (do they speak the same language or not, do they have the same religion or not, the cultural contrasts are more or less, etc.). However, there are some common grounds, like the acculturation, the adaptation to the new life, rejection, xenophobia, racism or classism that are very similar in all migration movements.


Given that the post-production of the film concurred with the worsening of the economic crisis in Spain, the founders decided to interrupt the Project in order to dedicate all of their strength to the creation of the first VEITH Institut in Madrid.

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