The VEITH Foundation grants the Johann Martin Schleyer award to linguistic research, a grant that is destined to promote the depth of language knowledge and to refresh the academic perspectives on this area.  Its purpose is to promote studying visits all around the world for the study of minority languages.


The name of the grant comes from Johann Martin Schleyer (1831-1912) a German cleric and linguist born in Oberlauda, remembered for the creation of the Volapük, the first artificial language, conceived to be universal and become a language for all humanity, this being an important contribution to international understanding and prior to the Esperanto.


Dr. Daniel Veith deeply relates himself to Johann Martin Schleyer, not only through the family branch, but due to his linguistic vocation and the value that they both place to the language as a necessary tool for social development.


The selection of the projects for this grant and the organisation of visits is managed by the Interpretation and Documentation of Minority Languages and Cultures Center based in Madrid.


One of the hosted projects of this grant was the translation of the feature film script of Dr. Daniel Veith and Dr. Evelyn Veith in 9 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque and Galician).



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