Training is essential in order to carry out a real integration in the host country. Learning how to speak the language is not enough, understanding how things work and adapting to them is also just as necessary as comprehending the differences. The more knowledge there is about the circumstances to expect, the resistance and negative reaction to integration can be minimized.



The language is undoubtedly the most powerful and essential tool for a complete integration of refugees in the host country. Not only because it determines their ability to function on a daily basis in society and to become a productive member of such, but because through the language the way to understand the world in their new environment is also transmitted.



Europe has a long history of migration all around the world and no one can understand better than the Europeans the specific characteristics of the great migrations caused by war. Promoting a welcoming culture should not be limited to just a sign of solidarity, it should also be understood as a gesture of historical responsibility and social coherence.



In order to undertake this important task, it is necessary to have the society´s collaboration at all levels. Governments, civilians and private entities, given that the necessary resources have such a great magnitude as the task that wants to be undertaken. To optimize these resources it is important to design well-targeted projects and initiatives for a maximum impact using the appropriate means.



Offering a preparation for a complete integration of migrants including language, social work, cultural sensitivity and integration instructions does not mean a significantly higher cost and yet the potential benefits are exponentially greater. A diligent and well channeled integration reduces the time during which the state needs to bear the cost of receiving a migrant, thereby compensating the short term increase, if the refugee also receives proper training on how to function in the labor culture of the host country and instructions on how to deal with cultural differences, the necessary time for a major integration in the economic sphere is reduced and if there is an economic stability, the social integration will come quickly.




In the VEITH Foundation we intend to put our knowledge, experience and resources at the service of integration.  During the first phase of our initiative we will open a center in Berlin in order to apply our method of learning German (the fastest and most efficient nowadays) to refugees coming from Syria and other countries at war in the area.  Our R & D department, under the direction of Dr. Daniel Veith is already adapting the method to the Arabic language (considering that it is based on comparative grammar) and it is being adapted with the concrete idea of a rapid integration to the economic activity and respect towards the cultural and religious sensibilities of our guests.


Read more about Palmyra Project



The largest possible peacekeeping power is empathy and mutual understanding. This can only be achieved when they are fully integrated into the social environment of which they are a member, with the emotional bonds that are born from daily life, solidarity and mutual experience.

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 للغة والتعليم والإندماج

 للغة والتعليم والإندماج

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